Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Lead Foot

Dalton Ghetti, a carpenter from Connecticut, has the most incredible and amazing way to relax.  He carves pencil leads.  He does it all without the aid of a magnifying glass.  Since pencil carving is still a hobby, some of the pieces take years to create (the alphabet took 2 1/2 years). He even has a box of pieces that have broken while he was sculpting them.  He calls it his "cemetery collection".  Currently he is working on a piece inspired by the World Trade Center bombing.  Since 2002, every day, he carves one of the victims out of lead, over 3000.  Upon completion they, together, will form a large tear.  It will take about 10 years. For Ghetti, it is worth it.


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  1. these are amazing!!

    i like the alphabet ones the best!

    thanks for sharing!